Cyclops  is a handheld barcode scanner for your iPhone.

When you are on the go, scan barcodes on items you see and Cyclops will read them and search for product and pricing information online from Amazon right away for you.

Simply open up Cyclops and click the Scan button. Take a picture of the barcode, and Cyclops does the rest, identifying the item you are looking at and providing up to the minute product and pricing information.

Cyclops requires the camera on the new iPhone 3Gs or iPhone 4 to work - older devices or ones without cameras can use the keypad to enter in codes.


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Cyclops main screenshot

  • Click the Scan button to bring up the camera.
  • Get the barcode in focus and take a picture.
  • The barcode will be scanned and the item searched online.
  • Click the Info button at the top to change your preferred search site and email address.
  • Tap the item image on the detail page for a large size version.
  • Use the buttons at the bottom of the detail screen to view online or send an email.

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