Uranus  is an astronomy application for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

It's loaded with over 100,000 stars, the planets, Sun, Moon, Milky Way, constellations, lines of right ascension and declination, the ecliptic, and more than 500 of the most important deep sky objects.

The sky is plotted and labeled in real-time using your device's built-in GPS to show it as it appears to you right where you are. The optional night vision mode ensures you get the most out of your outdoor stargazing sessions.


Zoomed out  Zoomed inDim/Illuminate  Night vision
Uranus main screenshot

  • Tap: get info
  • Double tap: zoom in/out
  • Pinch/spread: zoom in/out
  • Swipe: quick movement
  • Tap & hold, then drag: fine movement
  • Tap & hold top of screen: change display intensity
  • Tap & hold bottom left corner of screen: navigate using the accelerometer
  • Tap bottom right corner of screen: access the settings
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