Booxter  helps you track your collections of books, music, movies and comics on your Mac. It is powerful, fun, and easy to use.
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Booxter has 3 viewing modes to make it easy to manage your items.

  • List screenshot


    A standard list of items, row-by-row, with columns that you can customize.
  • Filter screenshot


    A way of drilling down by various attributes to quickly and easily find what you are looking for.
  • Tag screenshot


    Illustrates item counts by their sizes in a large grouping of tags.

There are 3 ways to scan barcodes and have items added to Booxter.

  • Video scanning screenshot


    Use your iSight (or other webcam or camcorder) to scan in barcodes visually.
  • Wireless scanning screenshot


    Use a Bluetooth barcode scanner to scan in barcodes wirelessly.
  • USB scanning screenshot


    Use a tethered USB barcode scanner to enter barcodes quickly and easily.

There are 3 ways to print from Booxter.

  • Smart lists

    Create lists to help you keep track of things easily.
  • Import

    Import from comma or tab-delimited text files, or from a number of other competing products.
  • Export to files

    Export to a variety of formats, including CSV, XML, HTML and more.
  • Export to iPhone/iPod Touch

    View your libraries on the go in your mobile web browser.
  • Export to iPod

    Export to an iPod and conveniently carry your data with you when you are on the move.
  • Lending

    Keep track of items that you've lent out, integrated with your Address Book.
  • Game

    Play a quiz game based upon the items in your collection.
  • Localization

    Localized in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

I am always happy to receive feedback from Booxter users. You can use the following contact email addresses:

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